Hi, I'm Josue. ⚡ ⚒ ✌

You have found the right person.

Here's the value I can add to our future projects:

  • I have experience with multi-device web projects and interactive media.
  • I'm an inspired designer, fearless developer, agile strategist hybrid with previous achievements in projects ranging from small startups and Fortune 500 companies.
  • I'm able to work alone or in a multi-disciplinary team of any size from concept to delivery while keeping future maintenance in mind.
  • I'm focused on the overall user experience and meeting business goals.
  • I believe in having a strong work ethic and a sense of humor in all situations.
  • I like to teach and learn from others.
  • I'm a multiplier.

I enjoy creating interactive experiences for everyone. I'm interested in web and mobile design and development. I have been wearing many, many hats in the web and IT industry lately and I'm more than happy to continue building and learning everyday. I have chosen the web as my home since a very young age and I'm not going back :)

Other interests include: AI, UAVs, new technologies, massive amounts of data, photography, state of the art computer graphics, augmented | virtual reality, design, animation, free education resources, online communities, growth hacking, automation, optimization, online strategies and problem solving.

I love learning new things all the time, specially when those building blocks help me solve problems.

Interactive Developer

I care about results. More specifically those being generated human-computer interaction, be it online or offline. I have done work in this area and most of my academic research is based on this. I like working on immersive media interactions (AR/VR/MR/XR), doing 360/3D/2D video & audio content creation plus game development. Tech Stack: Unreal Engine 4, C++, Unity3D, C#, JavaScript, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Suite

Full Stack Web Developer/ UI/UX Designer

I have been doing Web projects for around 9 years, with each project I have been improving my skills by learning more about the current best practices. Most projects are based on the LAMP stack and popular PHP Content Management Systems: Drupal and WordPress. Tech stack: Linux, Apache, nginx, MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, three.js, React, Angular, bootstrap, jQuery, AWS, Adobe Creative Suite


I have 3 years of Experience managing Linux servers in a web/email hosting environment with hundreds of clients. Dedicated servers and IaaS providers mostly AWS. I can build servers (from scratch if needed) and keep them happy.