Hi, I'm Josue. ⚡ ⚒ ✌

You have found the right person.

Here's the value I can add to our future projects:

  • I have experience with multi-device web projects and interactive media.
  • I'm an inspired designer, fearless developer, agile strategist hybrid with previous achievements in projects ranging from small startups and Fortune 500 companies.
  • I'm able to work alone or in a multi-disciplinary team of any size from concept to delivery while keeping future maintenance in mind.
  • I'm focused on the overall user experience and meeting business goals.
  • I believe in having a strong work ethic and a sense of humor in all situations.
  • I like to teach and learn from others.
  • I'm a multiplier.

I enjoy creating interactive experiences for everyone. I have been wearing many hats in the Web, VR, AR and the IT industry and I'm more than happy to continue building and learning everyday and most importantly sharing knowledge with others along the way.

Other interests include: AI, UAVs, emerging technologies, data, photography, state of the art computer graphics, augmented and virtual reality, design, animation, education, online communities, marketing automation, optimization, online strategies and problem solving.

I love learning new things all the time, especially when those building blocks help me solve problems.

Let's work together!

Interactive Developer (Web/VR/AR/Mobile)

I care about results. More specifically those being generated human-computer interaction, be it online or offline. I have done work in this area and most of my academic and professional research is based on this. I like working on immersive media interactions (AR/VR/MR/XR), doing 360/3D/2D video & audio content creation plus game development. Tech Stack: Unreal Engine 4, C++, Unity3D, C#, JavaScript, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Suite

Full Stack Web Developer/ UI/UX Designer

I have been doing Web projects for around 10 years, with each project I have been improving my skills by learning more about the current best practices. Most projects are based on the LAMP stack and popular PHP Content Management Systems: Drupal and WordPress. Tech stack: Linux, Apache, nginx, MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, three.js, React, Angular, bootstrap, jQuery, AWS, Adobe Creative Suite


I have 5 years of experience managing Linux servers in a web/email hosting environment with hundreds of clients. Dedicated servers and IaaS providers mostly AWS. I can build servers (from scratch if needed) and keep them happy.